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The Graduate Management Admission Council had developed a standardize test to assess the overall skills of students who want to pursue an MBA degree from some accredited institute. The GMAT measures a variety of skills that are thought to predict the success of a student in business school. The GMAT test measures your basic skills that you have acquired over the high school and college years. The GMAT is an aptitude test because it is meant to measure your possibility to succeed in business school.
The Graduate Management Admission Test measures your general verbal, mathematical and analytical writing skills. The GMAT is a computer-based test that is offered at several test centers all over the world and throughout the year. More than 1,000 graduate management programs and 850 institutes worldwide use GMAT scores as part of the admission process in their respective institutes. Most of the graduate schools of business in the United States require you to sit in the GMAT test as part of the admission process. There are no set test dates or schedules for the GMAT test. The GMAT is offered on different dates at different centers. You can check availability of seats for different test centers and dates on the GMAT website. You may register for the GMAT test online at the GMAT website.
The GMAT contains sections that measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills. The basic structure of the GMAT test consists of three parts:
1. Verbal Section: This part contains 42 questions and you have to complete this section in 75 minutes. The verbal section tests your ability to read and understand written material, to reason and evaluate arguments, and to correct written material so that it conforms to standard written English.
2. Quantitative Section: You are allotted 75 minutes to complete the section that carries 37 questions. These questions test your ability to express your ideas correctly in standard written English and to improve incorrect or ineffective expressions.
3. Analytical Writing Section: You have to manage this part in 60 minutes. The Analytical Writing Assessment tests your ability to analyze and evaluate issues and arguments. This portion of the exam consists of two 30-minute writing tasks.
The GMAT is a high quality test so it needs deep and extensive preparation to ensure that you get the highest score possible. You can buy a GMAT test review book or download some sample tests through internet. You must try a practice test under conditions similar to the actual GMAT test, as it will surely help to improve your verbal, quantitative, and writing skills. You can always retake the GMAT test, but remember that you are allowed to take it only once in a month. Because all previous scores are sent to the institutions, to which you are applying for your management program. You should never take the GMAT test as practice.
Your admission in a good management institute mainly rests on your performance in GMAT test. Your score depends on the number of questions that you have correctly answered in the test. Therefore, put your best possible efforts if you really want to join the best management institutes.

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