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The Studydaddy an online application designed to encourage improved communication between teachers, students and parents. This is achieved by focussing on homework and providing it online in a managed environment. It therefore offers the following benefits:

To Students:
Having a single repository of homework which is available anywhere, as well as a means of being able to schedule and manage when work is completed.

To Parents:

Having visibility of what work is being set, what marks are awarded and whether it was completed and handed in on time. It also offers a method of being able to contact individual teachers about particular pieces of homework where necessary.

To Teachers:

Having the ability to set homework and track it either by class, group or individual student. To be able to receive messages from students and parents and instantly relate them to a particular task providing them with a full context. To have instant access to a students‚ homework marks and history to ease reporting.

To Schools:

Improving communication between departments by having student records visible to teaching staff, reducing the cost of duplicating homework sheets by making them available online and assisting with reporting by having access to information in a common form.

If you are interested in a trial of the sdudydaddy for your school, please click here and let us know.

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