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Smoking is one of the most addictive and detrimental habits in the United States. In the past, smoking was actually seen as something that was beneficial to one’s health. However, with the advance of modern technology as well as research and studies that have been done, it is now a known fact that smoking is not good for your health. In fact, smoking has been linked as the main cause of over thousands of cases of cancer.

In many states across the United States, restaurants have taken up to banning smoking all together in their restaurants. In other states, tighter rules regarding smoking have been enacted. For instance, it is now more expensive to purchase cigarettes. Additionally, smoking ads, which were once seen peppered all over magazines have (for the most part) been removed. There used to be commercials advocating smoking, and all of these commercials have been removed. Pregnant women are warned against the dangers of smoking because smoking has also been linked to birth defects and deformities in the fetus. So how is it that so many people, despite all of the rules banning smoking are still smoking?

The simple answer to the question regarding smoking is that it is addicting. Nicotine is one of the most addicting drugs around. Some people have even gone so far as to compare an addiction with nicotine to being a heroine addict. There are those who speculate that smoking is the result of a nervous habit. People who smoke are insecure; they have an oral fixation…the list goes on. The critical time for becoming addicted to smoking actually starts when we are still children. Many people start smoking as a ‘joke’. They are being defiant. They are trying to act ‘grown up,’ so someone sneaks in a few cigarettes that they stole from mom or dad’s stash and pass them out among friends. Check back in years later, and more than half of those friends are now regular smokers.

I remember going to a party with some of my friends back in 8th grade. One of my friends had come to the party and brought along a package of her mom’s cigarettes that she had stolen out of her mom’s purse. Towards the end of the party, she gingerly announced her prize and began handing out cigarettes to everyone whether they wanted one or not. The girl who was throwing the party became agitated and upset at what our friend was doing. Crying, she warned the people who had cigarettes in their hands of the dangers of smoking. Years later, the majority of my friends who, at that party, had jokingly tried smoking are now struggling to quit smoking. It’s sad but true.

Smoking is not only a bad habit for those who do it, but it is also dangerous and annoying for those who do not engage in such behavior. For instance, it’s nice to go to New York and not have to endure the smell of smoke getting infused into your clothing and freshly washed hair when you go to a bar or restaurant. Many non smokers feel that smokers are rude. After all, if you choose to harm yourself, that’s one thing- but to have no care for the others around you? This is often the sentiment that accompanies smoking. The only sure way to prevent smoking and the problems that surround it is by never beginning in the first place.

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